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Candle Holder Kin Nature Stoneware
The Kin Candlestick is a simple and elegant candlestick that still leaves an impact with its organic shape and little handle. The candlestick is made of stoneware with a beautiful nature glaze to achieve that nordic look. This combination of...
117,00 kr
Candle Holder Tanana Wood Russel
A trio of wooden candle holders in different heights. Each candle holder is slightly different which makes it perfect to combine together as a set!
from 171,00 kr
Tealight Holder Elephant Black
This cutie is made of polyresin and has a beautiful white eclectic pattern.
101,00 kr
Candle Holder Glass Green
Glass candle holder in green, cute to combine with other glass candle holders in other shapes and sizes.
140,00 kr
Candle Holder Glass Brown
These glass candle holders in brown are here to steal the show! Mix & match with other glass candle holders for a cute look!
140,00 kr
Tealight Holder Face
Set the mood with these cuties. These tealight holders are made of glass with a dark grey finish.
47,00 kr
Terry Tealight Holder Pink Sand/Caramel
Bring some cosiness into your home with this glass tea light holder. The transparent color and cool ribbing on the side provide an atmospheric glow in the evening and a stylish ornament during the day.
47,00 kr
Candle Holder Oekaza & Oekara Brass
Simple but classy because of it's brass colour, the perfect combination for any home.
from 70,00 kr
Candle Holder Oekaza & Oekara Black
Simplicity at its finest! These matte black candle holders compliment each others shape, combine as a set or mix & match with other candle holders.
from 70,00 kr
Candle Holder Solange Swirl Beige Earthenware
A small candle holder with a swirl design in beige. Handmade from earthenware, available in two designs.
from 47,00 kr
Candle Holder Glass Pink
Small glass candle holder in pink, cute to combine with different glass candle holders in other shapes and sizes.
78,00 kr
Candle Holder Glass Lilac
A large glass candle holder made of thick sturdy glass finished in a dusty lilac tone. Small: 8x27cmBig: 10x10x40cm
from 140,00 kr
Tealight Holder Surf Ceramic Beige
The Surf Tealight Holder gets its name from its wavy shape which reminds us of the ocean. Combine with the Surf vase for a complete look!
55,00 kr
Tealight Holder Pip Glass Dark Grey
Tealight holder made of dark grey glass and ribbed details. Cute to combine with other shaped candle holders!
47,00 kr
À La Candle Holder Bottle Flower Brass Gold
With this charmingly beautiful bottle candle holder you can turn any bottle in to a candle holder. Not only sustainable, but also very personal. The beautiful bottle that you got for a special occasion can shine on in your interior. ...
from 194,00 kr
À La Candle Holder Glass Coral/Terra
The Glass candle holder gives an instant wow-effect to your interior. The exceptional beautiful shape of the mouth-blown glass and the playful and vivid colors reminds us of those warm last rays of sunshine on an indian summer evening.
from 155,00 kr
À La Bottle Round Smoke Glass
These captivating handmade bottles have a classy vintage look that makes you dream about times past. It could just as well be on the shelves of the great gatsby. And don't let its looks fool you, it's foodsafe so you...
175,00 kr
Candle Holder Jamey Brown Glass
The Jamey Candle Holder presents an original silhouette with a cylindrical base for the candle. The amazing and elegant candlestick is made of heavy brown glass and is practical and beautiful at the same time. Use it together with the...
from 132,00 kr
Candle Holder Luiss Brown Stoneware
Luiss is an elegant candle holder with a beautiful organic shape. The candle holder is made of stoneware with a nice light brown glaze to achieve that nordic look. This combination of shape and materials results in a candle holder that will...
117,00 kr
Candle Holder Vevi Brass Metal
The Vevi Candle Holder is made in brass colored iron with a little practical and beautiful handle. Perfect to be styled in a group with other home accessories for the perfect and modern look.
124,00 kr
Candle Holder Tan Brass Cast Iron
The Tan candle holder is an amazing art item in cast iron of 2 people hugging. Makes a cozy and personal feeling in any room. Use it for a candle or an art piece and mix and match with other candle...
194,00 kr
Candle Holder Glass Green
These glass candle holders in green are here to steal the show! Mix & match with other glass candle holders for a cute look! Size Small: 8x8x16cmSize Medium: 10x10x21cm  
from 109,00 kr
Tealight Holder Janne Antique Gold Metal
This tealight holder creates a beautiful play of light! Combine two sizes together or mix & match with other shapes.
from 39,00 kr
Candle Holder Organic Black M/L
These ones definitely make a statement! Large candle holder with organic shapes and a matte black finish. Available in two sizes, combine together for a impressive presentation!
from 194,00 kr
Double Sided Candle Holder Lexy Caramel
Sexy Lexy can both be used as tealight holders or candle holders! Just flip them around to use the other side. Pick your favourite combination. Size small: 7.5x7.5x6 cmSize big: 7.5x7.5x8 cm
from 47,00 kr
Candle Holder Peacock Gold
This little gold peacock will light up the room like nothing else. The candle holder is made of polystone and comes in gold.
101,00 kr
Tealight Palet Glass Dark Brown
The shape of the glass let the light flicker in a beautiful way. They are nice on their own, but even nicer as a pair!- Size: Small H: 8.5 cm, Dia: 8 cm, Medium H: 12.5 cm, Dia: 9 cm-...
from 39,00 kr
Candle Holder Earthenware Small - Beige or Brown
A small candle holder in a gorgeous earthy nude/brown and beige tone made from earthenware with a matte sandy finish. Available in two colours, combine together or with other sized candle holders for a complete look! 
62,00 kr
Candle Holder Hoops Metal Black
The hoops of this candle holder goes round and round! Available in two size, cute to combine together as a set.  
from 93,00 kr

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