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Salad Server Zaza Brown Mahogany (SET OF 2)
Make the finishing touches of your table setting with the lovely Zaza Salad Servers. Made in brown mahogany and in a set of 2, they combine beautiful Nordic design with practicality, perfect to dress up your salad servings.- Dishwasher safe:...
78,00 kr
Butter Knife Golden Shell 1pc
Cute butterknife made of stainless steel with shell details.
70,00 kr
Spoon Triangle Wood (1pc)
Small wooden spoons made from Sheesham and Acacia wood. Use them for sugar, spices or dips! Sheesham also known as Northern Indian Rosewood is a dark colored strong hardwood which is a very durable. The Acacia wood is a light-colored strong...
47,00 kr
Salad Servers Dark Brown (SET OF 2)
These lovely salad servers are made from Sheesham wood and comes in a dark brown colour. Sheesham wood is a dark coloured strong hardwood, which is a very durable and heavy wood, making it perfect for production of serving-/ and...
101,00 kr
À La Spoon Coffee Shell Gold (1pc)
These charming Shell coffee spoons give a playful energy to your coffee with its lovely brass shell. - Handmade of brass- Beautiful quality- Handmade in India
70,00 kr
À La Cutlery Cheese Set Shell Gold
The shell cheese cutlery set is a piece of art on its own. When you serve your cheese platter it will most definitely stand out.- Handmade of brass and stainless steel- Handmade in India
233,00 kr
À La Bottle Stopper Brass Cork
Our bottle stoppers are our small showstoppers. The playful design makes you want to leave the bottle on the table a little bit longer. Perfect as a gift, but maybe even better to keep for yourself.- Handmade of brass and...
117,00 kr
Salad Servers Thina Gold Acacia (SET OF 2)
The Thina Salad Servers is a set of 2 amazing servers with a feminine and exclusive design. Each is made in gold colored stainless steel with a handle made of acacia wood. Use them together or separetly to serve a...
310,00 kr
Salad Servers Teak Mother Of Pearl (SET OF 2)
Salad servers made from Teak wood with Mother of Pearl details on the handles. Perfect for those lush summer salads in the garden.
155,00 kr
Bamboo Heart Spoon Small - 1PC
This kitchen must-have is made from 100% planet-friendly bamboo. Featuring a heart-shaped spoon design and long functional handle. This item has been hand-polished and crafted from natural bamboo which may cause subtle variations in the colour and engraving, making each...
39,00 kr
Salad Servers Hands Bamboo (SET OF 2)
Here to encourage a zero-waste kitchen with sustainable style, these hand-shaped bamboo salad servers go back to basics with a minimal design. A wonderful reusable for the dinner table, bringing planet-friendly materials to the delight of mealtimes. This item has...
70,00 kr
Salad Servers Mango Wood (SET OF 2)
A lovely set of salad spoons made from mango wood shaped as a leaf.  Colour: NaturalMaterial: Mango woodAdditional info: Set of 2. Handwash is recommended. Natural materials may varyMeasures: L:31 cmWeight: 0.125 kg
194,00 kr
Utensil Jar Pion Grey/White
Organise your kitchen utensils in style with the Pion jar. It is made of porcelain and finished with a white, speckled glaze that gives it a fine yet informal touch. Instead of keeping your spatulas, whisks and wooden spoons in...
233,00 kr
Spaghetti Spoon Acacia Wood Nature - 1PC
Wood brings warmth and character to your home. With the Nature pasta spoon you can give your kitchen a fine and natural contrast. The spoon is made of acacia wood and has a stunning design. Use this spoon as a...
55,00 kr
Spoon Acacia Wood Nature - 1PC
The Nature spoon is made to give you a practical tool with a simple design. Wooden cooking utensils give your kitchen a warm touch and this spoon is no different. Use it in your daily cooking as you stir your...
55,00 kr
Jar/Pot Lelou White Terracotta
The Lelou Jar is the ideal storage for your cutlery in the kitchen. The sophisticated mix of white and geometric terracotta design, gives a subtle ethnic but also modern result. This jar may also be used as a planter, but due to the nature of...
117,00 kr
Jar Solange w/Lid & Spoon Nature Stoneware
The Solange Jar With Lid & Spoon is a different addition to your kitchen. The jar is made of natural stoneware with an artistic stripe, and its design is reminiscent of Japanese ceramics. This jar is a unique piece made...
209,00 kr
Jenna Leopard Butter Knife
This nice butter knife is a perfect addition to your snack shelf and suitable for spreading butters and tapenades. These items are handmade in India from 100% recycled brass. This may cause minor differences in the appearance of each item.
109,00 kr
Ginko Spoon
70,00 kr
Ginko Spoon
This spoon is handmade in India from 100% recycled brass. This may cause minor differences in the appearance of each hook.Buying this handmade unique product means you are supporting the local communities where our products are made. Yay!
70,00 kr
Cake Forks Gold (SET OF 4)
Whatever the occasion, keep it stylish with this cutlery set in a matte gold finish. Comes as a set of 4 pieces.
78,00 kr
Cutlery Set Gold - 16 PCS
Whatever the occasion, keep it stylish with this cutlery set in a matte gold finish. Comes as a set of 16 pieces.
310,00 kr
Cutlery Set Black - 16 PCS
Whatever the occasion, keep it stylish with this cutlery set in a matte black finish. Comes as a set of 16 pieces.
310,00 kr
Salad Servers Black (SET OF 2)
What a lovely way to serve a salad! These salad servers come in black metal and have matte finish.
78,00 kr
Serving Spoon Efi Small Black Acacia - 1PC
A beautiful little spoon made of acacia wood with a new matt finish which is used for many items this season. The shape and size of this spoon is perfect for using it to scoop up salt from your saltbox...
31,00 kr
Serving Spoon Efi Black Acacia - 1PC
When people think of table setting they often just think about glass, plates, cutlery, and decorations. But an often overseen part of the table setting is the utensils that you use to scoop up the food from the serving trays...
39,00 kr
Salad Servers Gold (SET OF 2)
Serving a salad couldn't be any classier! These salad servers come in gold metal and have matte finish.
78,00 kr
Salad Servers Wood Twisted Handles (SET OF 2)
Serve your salad in style with these wooden salad servers with twisted hand carved handles.  Colour: NaturalMaterial: Mango woodAdditional info: Set of 2. Hand wash is recommended. Natural materials may vary in shape and colourMeasures: L:28 cmWeight: 0.120 kg
186,00 kr
Twiggy Butter Knife - 1PC
Our charming Twiggy butter knives can be used for your cheese board, breakfast jams and more. This butter knife set is handmade in India. Due to the handmade nature, there may be small differences in the appearance of each blade....
70,00 kr
Jar/Pot Face Cement Clay Brown
This pot with face is made of cement and has a special, rugged finish. Use it for storage or in the kitchen to keep cutlery in. Also suitable to use as a planter! A trendy eye-catcher in any interior. Size:...
117,00 kr
Serving Spoon Buffalo Horn - 1PC
Unlike rhino horns and elephant tusks which are intentionally cut from the animal, buffalo horns are a deadstock byproduct of the food and agricultural industry. The intact, hollow buffalo horns are set aside, ready to be turned into one of...
78,00 kr

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