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Jana Hand Jewelry Holder
This jewelry holder make a perfect perch for your lovable necklaces, rings & things. These jewelry holders are handmade in India. Due to the handcrafted nature of this item, expect slight variation in the appearance of each item. Perfect by...
310,00 kr
Hand Forged Jewelry Stand Brass Double
This stylish jewelry stand will take great care of your favourite earrings, rings and bracelets!Size: H: 12.5 cmMaterial: BrassColour: Gold
116,00 kr
Bamboo Jewelry Stand Gold
Pretty and practical for all your jewelry! - Size: H34 cm- Material: Bamboo and brass- Colour: Gold
194,00 kr
Glass Box Carvings Hexagonal
A glass box with brass details and carvings on the lid. Perfect to store small trinkets in like jewelry. - Size: 11x9,5x5 cm- Material: Glass and iron - Colour: Clear and gold
140,00 kr
Jewelry Stand Brass
from 101,00 kr
Jewelry Stand Brass
Perfect little stand to store all your fave jewelry items!- Size: Small H: 12,5 cm, Medium H: 19 cm- Material: Brass- Colour: Gold
from 101,00 kr
Quadratic Glass Tray Large
Large tray to display your favourite accessories. Add some candles and a small vase to create a beautiful center piece. Colour: Clear, goldMaterial: Glass, ironMeasures: 27x21x3 cmWeight: 0.550 kg
233,00 kr
Rectangular Glass Tray Small Gold
Tiny tray to store all your most precious tiny items. Colour: Clear, gold Material: Glass, iron Measures: 9x6,5x3 cm Weight: 0.100 kg
47,00 kr
Mini Storage Box Brass
Use these small boxes as a storage solution for your small things. The boxes are made of brass, which is a beautiful material with an elegant look. Blend brass boxes with other materials to create a personal look. The lovely...
from 39,00 kr
Ginko Plate
116,00 kr
Ginko Plate
The Flora Ginko Bowl is the perfect bowl for all your small things. These hooks are handmade in India from 100% recycled brass. This may cause minor differences in the appearance of each hook. Color and finish differences are part...
116,00 kr
Mirina Box Gold
from 101,00 kr
Mirina Box Gold
Perfect box to store your most precious belongings in! The bottom of the box is covered with a mirror for an elegant look. Comes in two sizes.
from 101,00 kr
Vinna Deco Box Elephant Gold
The Vinna Deco box is a little elephant box in aluminium with an antique look. The gold color is perfect for all decorations or maybe for storing your favorite jewelry.
209,00 kr
Wall Deco Hanger Cecilia Bamboo
A bamboo hanger perfect to use as a jewelry holder or to hang small ornaments on!
78,00 kr
Quadratic Tiny Glass Box Gold
This tiny glass box is perfect to present small gifts like jewelry!
39,00 kr
Bowl Oyster Shell Dolomite Lilac
Small shell shaped double bowl, perfect for storing small trinkets like jewelry.
109,00 kr
Didde Jewelry Stand Black
The Didde Jewelry Stand is an elegant black metal stand to neatly store your accessories on its four arms. The jewelry stand is made of cast iron so its strong and will not bend easily. Its simple and beautiful look...
155,00 kr
À La Box Brass Pearl
This enchantingly cute storage box looks like it belongs in a fairy tale. It gives a mesmerizing feeling and is the perfect way to store your little treasures.- Handmade of brass and mother of pearl- Beautiful heavy quality- Perfect storage...
from 186,00 kr
À La Jewelry Stand Brass Flowers
The jewellery stand is a small jewel on its own. With this stunning piece you can display your necklaces and bracelets beautifully. It gives a little bit of romance in the morning when selecting your favorite pieces for the day.-...
271,00 kr
Quadratic Glass Box Gold
Colour: Clear, brass Material: Glass, iron Additional info: Handmade items may vary Measures: 3,5x3,5x3,5 cm / 10,5x10,5x3,5 cm
from 39,00 kr
Glass Box Rectangular
A small glass box with gold or black finish to store small trinkets like jewellery's.  Colour: Clear, brass / black Material: Glass, iron Additional info: Handmade items may vary Measures: 8,5x6x3,5 cm  Weight: 0.125 kg
55,00 kr
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