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Room Spray Zen
 SMALL GRAIN - MOSS -  PATCHOULI The return to nature and the great outdoors. The fragrance of wide open spaces, forest and nature in your home.
140,00 kr
Room Spray Slow
BERGAMOT - NEROLI - WHITE MUSK            A tribute to slow life, the candle Slow is dedicated to moments of relaxation and serenity.
140,00 kr
Room Spray Happy
 LIME - COCO - WHITE MUSK                                                                     ...
140,00 kr
Room Spray Calm
 AQUATIC MINT - FIG TREE - CEDAR  Calming aromas of aquatic mint, fig leaves and cedar.
140,00 kr
Meraki Diffuser Timber Haze
Give your home a light, fruity floral scent with Timber Haze, a diffuser made by Meraki. With notes from green citrus and florals such as rose, geranium and jasmine, it helps create an uplifting and vibrant atmosphere. Like stepping into...
233,00 kr
Meraki Diffuser Vivid Shades
Get a gentle welcome with a mild scent in your bathroom or entrance. Meraki presents the diffuser, Vivid Shades, which has a delicate scent that is relaxing for both mind and body. The diffuser has a simple and clean-cut design...
233,00 kr
Meraki Diffuser Verbena Drizzle
Spread a lovely and calming scent at home with Meraki's diffuser, Verbena Drizzle. The diffuser comes in a simple glass bottle with small wooden sticks that spread the lovely scent in your room and home. Use the diffuser in your...
233,00 kr
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