Wood & Cricket Bag Gnognou Vegan Leather


The Wood & Cricket bags are handmade by people from Togo/West Africa. You can see and feel that the bags are handmade, because each bag is unique. Small differences between the bags reflect the fact that Wood & Cricket works with people and not in a factory where everything is done by machines. As a result, the patterns and unique colors may vary slightly from the images.

The Gnognou bag fits perfectly around any stroller and has a water-repellent inside (vegan leather) , making it suitable for on the road or a day at the beach.

The bag has a spacious inner compartment for your phone, wallet or Macbook 13 inch/iPad/small laptop.

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H 45-50 cm x W 55 cm

Material: The outside of the African bag is made of cotton. The inside of the bags are made of vegan leather.