What we do

At our stores we sell our own clothing brand and many more. All carefully handpicked by us. Every single item has been touched by our hands, seen by our eyes and has been tried on by at least one of us. Our mission in life is to inspire others with the things we like and love.

Our story

It all started in 2012. Petra & Sanne loved to stroll through thrift-stores together to collect unique clothing & interior items. As a joke, their friends often suggested they should open a small pop-up store to sell all those awesome pieces they collected. And one day, they figured why not? When they made a public Facebook event for the opening they were really excited to see how many people were interested. Their first pop-up store event at Bloemenbar was such a succes, that it didn't take long before they organised their second pop-up store event.

After organising many pop-up events, their next step was a store. And this was the moment when the first conceptstore of Things I Like Things I Love was born. First only selling second hand items, but as time went on they collected more and more things they like and love.

In 2017 Bas joined the team, doing all the things Sanne & Petra hadn’t had any time for (or weren’t so good at.. but let’s stay nice). Now they work hard to pursue the same goal, better together. Today, Things I Like Things I Love has grown into a known clothing brand with multiple concept stores, selling points and an online store. This was all made possible thanks to our awesome team full of young and passionate creatives. Wanna join our team? Click here.
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