Alpaca Shawl Brushed Solid Lilac Snow

€59.95 €45.00

Scarf brushed solid in lilac snow is made to keep you warm these winter.

Bufandy creates honest, natural products in collaboration with small-scale family companies in South America. Thanks to the long-term and personal relationship with our partners, we are assured of the best quality, made under fair conditions for both the makers and the alpacas. Alpacas produce fibers that not only feel incredibly soft, but the fiber is also exceptionally warm and has an insulating quality.

Material: 80% Alpaca & 20% Acryl
Size: 200 x 65cm
Care: wool is dirt-repellent, let you scarf air out every now and then

*Each scarf is unique and handmade, so the color may differ slightly from the picture.

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