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Dish Osida Wood Matt Black ⌀40x7cm
When people think of table setting they often just think about glass, plates, cutlery, and decorations. But an often overseen part of the table setting is wood! Create a perfect natural table setting with this beauty. Also a perfect size...
Serving Plate Green Cirro
Cirro's a dinnerware set with a difference - each piece is finished in a turquoise green or blue ombre reactive glaze. Crafted from durable porcelain, each Cirro product is completely unique.
from €14.99
Solange Plate Stoneware 19,5 / 36 cm
The Solange Tray is very slim and is ideal for transporting small cups or bowls but also great for small snacks. Its natural stoneware design with an artistic stripe is reminiscent of Japanese ceramics. The tray is made by hand...
from €11.99
Serving Bowl Matte Grey - Large 21.5 cm
A durable and robust dinnerware collection. No matter what will be served in the pieces of the collection, you will appreciate it. And even empty, it looks pretty. The grey matte design complements the soft, round shapes of the different...
Large Low Serving Bowl Grey Ceres - 30 x 5 cm
A real beauty to mix and match with your tableware to create the perfect table setting. Use it for serving shared food or as a fruit or big salad bowl. Size: 30 cm X 5 cm Material: StonewareColour: Grey/sand
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