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Solange Jar w/Lid & Spoon Nature Stoneware
The Solange Jar With Lid & Spoon is a different addition to your kitchen. The jar is made of natural stoneware with an artistic stripe, and its design is reminiscent of Japanese ceramics. This jar is a unique piece made...
Solange Soap Dispenser Nature Stoneware
The Solange Soap Dispenser by Bloomingville features a nice combination of horizontal stripes in its natural stoneware. With this dispenser your bathroom will gain in elegance and it will be a real pleasure to wash your hands.
Candle Holder Oppilo
If you want to create a cosy and comfortable atmosphere in your decor, candle stands are perfect for the job. The oppilo comes in two sizes. Pick your fave, or make it a set!- Dimensions: Big (8x4,5x14 cm) Small (7,5x4,5x6,5...
from €6.99
Vase Lady White
Add a touch of feminism to your home with this hot mama! Size: 14,2 x 20,8cmMaterial: CeramicColour: White
Swirl Glass Nude
from €11.95
Swirl Glass Nude
Hand-blown swirl wine glass with solid nudecoloured glass base.Stands out immediately and gives the glass a playful look. This way you can enjoy your wine or another drink even more. - Size: 8,5 x 8,5 x 13,5 cm- Material: Glass-...
from €11.95
Vase Vefa Black Terracotta
A decorative vase you that is high enough to place on the floor and low enough to place on the table, dresser, shelf or window sill as well. The vase is made of terracotta with a black and white stripe...
Vase Evie Brown Glass
Welcome this curvy little lady into your home. The shape of this vase follows the new trend of this season where the female body is the center of many designs. A tribute to the female body. The vase is made...
Muggie Sand 10 x 9.5 cm
Let's create a cosy atmosphere and surprise your friends and family with a Muggie! Each item is finished with a reactive glaze. This glaze generates an extraordinary variation of color, giving each cup a unique rustic look. Spread love, send...
Cushion Velvet Brown Elephant
Cushion with embroidered gold details. Comes in lovely golden brown velvet. All our cushions come with a filling. Size: 45x45 cmMaterial: Velvet
Glass Bum Vase
A bootylicious big flower vase made from clear glass. Do you want to be trend-setting? Then this bum vase is really something for you Length 20 cm x width 20 x height 23 cm
Large Mug Aura Grey Stoneware 12.5 x 9.5 cm
This beautiful piece is made of stoneware in grey with a sanded look. The mug has an original cavity for the handle, that gives an artistic touch. Due to the nature of the glaze, color variations may occur. Size: D9,5xH12,5...
Vase Kyana Brown Ceramic
Transform your bookcase into a work of art with this abstract vase. Size small: 7x20,5 cmSize big: 18x28 cm Material: CeramicColour: Brown/Nude
from €24.99
Teapot Solange Nature Stoneware
The Solange Teapot is a unique and rustic teapot, with Asian vibes. The teapot is made of natural stoneware with an artistic stripe and bamboo handle. This teapot is a unique piece made by hand and handglazed, so the glaze...
Eliot Candle Holder Black
Decorative stoneware candlestick in a black glaze. Display it on a counter together with beautiful home accessories.Size: L8,5 x H9 x W7,5 cmMaterial: Stoneware*Due to the nature of the glaze and item being handcrafted, color variations may occur
Mini Storage Box Brass
Use these small boxes as a storage solution for your small things. The boxes are made of brass, which is a beautiful material with an elegant look. Blend brass boxes with other materials to create a personal look. The lovely...
from €4.99
Latte Mugs (SET OF 2) - 13 x 7.5 cm
Meet our new addition a set of 2 latte mugs. Whether you are a first time lover of the 70s ceramics, or a long term collector, there is always room for more! Perfect as a gift for someone or yourself.
Hobstar Cocktail Coupe Glass
Cheers to everything, always, forever, whatever, just celebrate! These stylish and elegangt Hobstar glasses add a touch of vintage to your tablesetting at any occasion. The name "Hobstar" refers to the specifically cut glass from the 19th century. This is...
from €7.99
Bird Plate
from €5.99
Bird Plate
Each bird plate has a different print, size and is made of glass. The prints are from works of art by Bert Nienhuis (ca. 1900) and Ohara Koson (ca. 1930). Source: Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.Size small: 10,5x10,5x1 cm.Size medium: 14,5x10,5x1Size large: 10x21x1...
from €5.99
Cutting Board Lines Mango Wood
Rustic cuttingboard with engraved  lines made from mango wood. Perfect for serving small snacks and tapas.
Candle Holder Swirl Bubbles Glass Chocolate Brown
With this brown glass candle holder, you'll decorate your home with a showpiece even when it's light out. Place it on the table during a romantic dinner or on a side table. Available in two sizes and multiple designs, mix...
from €14.99
Candle Holder Red Marble
These candle holders come in two sizes. Combine them with black candles to give it a hotel chic vibe or pink sand candle for romantic nights!Size small square: 8x8x8cmSize big block: 10x5x5cm Material: Marble and metalColour: Red and gold
from €9.99
Candle Holder Green Stoneware
Lovely on its own or combined with other candle holders! Due to the nature of the glaze and item being handcrafted, color variations may occur.Size: H: 10.5 cm, Dia: 7.5 cmMaterial: StonewareColour: Green
Gift Box Everyday Blends - Seasoning & Oil
A gift box that takes your everyday cooking from good to gourmet. The box from Nicolas Vahé contains a salt and pepper mix and an olive oil with lemon. The salt with a dash of pepper is a wonderful, everyday...
Gift Set - Chameli Cheese Knives (Set of 3)
This beautiful set of 3 cheese knives adds a pretty touch to your cocktail hour party spread. The perfect gift! Buying this handmade unique product means you are supporting the local communities where our products are made. Yay! Material: Stainless...
Mug Peony Brown Stoneware (SET OF 2) 10 x 8 cm
The Peony Mug is a set of 2 beautiful mugs made of stoneware in brown with white patterns. The mugs are handpainted and due to that each piece will vary. Perfect as a giftD8 x H10 cm, Set of 2
Candle Face Black/Gold
Set the mood with this cozy candle with gold face detail. Comes with black wax to match the holder!
Maya Candle Holder
This modern candle holder with a classic touch looks great in every kind of interior. Size small: 9x8x8cmSize big: 10x12x12cmMaterial: Ceramic and metalColour: Black and gold
Cappuccino Mug Rock 12 x 9.5 cm
Rock on with these beautiful cappuccino mugs! Due to the handmade finish colors may vary. The mugs are dishwasher and microwave proof.Size: 12 x 9.5 x 8.5 cm Material: Ceramic Colours: Beige/grey/black
Japanese Salad Bowl - 25 x 25 cm
A real game changer in this neutral colour scheme is our new Japanese ceramic salad bowl from the Kyoto ceramics series. It adds instant depth and warmth to a simple and restful palette.The tradition of the Japanese tea ceremony inspired...

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